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Integrate all of your home’s technology, allowing you to easily control your life.

Smart Home Automation System Brisbane

Monitor and control your home’s devices with enhanced smartphone accessibility.

Take a step into the future and have access and control of your entire house from your smartphone or any other device. Control all home appliances and monitor everything happening at your how from anywhere in the world. Give us a call and we will come and provide a free assessment of your requirements for a full home or office automation system.

Switch on your security light that you forgot from anywhere, turn on your coffee maker and get home to ready made cup of coffee with our home automation systems.

Have the comfort of knowing you can monitor your children and babysitter even when you are away. Panic buttons are also installed and quick dial to any emergency service of your choice for quick response in time of trouble.

Innovative technology. Outstanding innovation. Our award-winning team takes care of enhanced luxury and award-winning design. We’ll design, build, and maintain a complete automation system so you can easily and confidently control your smart home. Electronic Living is the right choice for your smart home automation needs, from planning and design to project management, installation, and maintenance.

Control every smart device in your home through a single central control system. From our extensive range of world-class products, we’ll find the best solution for your home. Combine all of your home technologies into a single, user-friendly system

Smart Home Brisbane

Home automation systems integrate all of your home’s technology, allowing you to easily control your life. The range of uses for a smart home system is constantly expanding, including doorbells, security, lights, music, temperature, and blinds, to name a few.

Imagine the benefits of home automation installation for you and your family: soft lights that turn on automatically at night, shades that close automatically in the afternoon when it gets hot, your favourite movie and appropriate lighting and sound settings at the touch of a button when you enter the room




Build Your Smart Home

Get Smart Home is a home automation provider based in Brisbane. Our smart home systems are designed to provide you with the luxurious smart living experience you’ve always desired.

Our smart home system is user-friendly and efficient, with low-cost installation and maintenance. We can integrate home automation into your daily life whether you’re building a new home or remodelling an existing one. Modernise your home and begin living a more comfortable and convenient life.




Smart Home Technology

A smart home integrates all of the household’s systems, ensuring long-term energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It automates everyday household tasks and saves the homeowner from performing 50,000 tasks per year. Its automated and remote access to security always provides peace of mind by monitoring and securing the home.

Investing in a smart home can save you money on unnecessary energy consumption, uncontrollable energy costs, unnecessary household tasks, and unimportant security concerns.

Our Smart Home system is intended to provide a fully automated experience that saves you valuable time and energy. Our intelligently wired and installed smart products interact and adjust to your specific needs. Their functions are well-coordinated despite the fact that they do not rely on a wireless or cloud-based connection. You can even change the settings at any time by using your smart devices to connect to the system.

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Home Automation Specialists Brisbane

You can equip your home with smart devices. A smart home, on the other hand, is about everything working together. We devise a simple method for connecting everything to the home automation system. This is when the magic takes place.

Home automation allows you to control anything in your home automatically or remotely. It could be as simple as some lights being automated. It could be a centralised control system that connects multiple technologies seamlessly.

Air conditioning, audiovisual, lighting control, media players, security, motorised windows, intercoms, and other features may be included. A remote control, touch screen devices such as watches, phones, and tablets, voice control, or a combination of all can be used to control your smart home.

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