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Ajax Innovation Technology System to Protect Your Building in Yarrabilba.

Key Features of Ajax Alarm Systems

For a dependable and effective home security system, nothing beats the Ajax Alarm Starter Pack. A key fob, motion detector, opening detector, and hub are all part of this set, so you can begin securing your house right away.

The system’s central processing unit is the Ajax hub. The CCU is the nerve centre of the system, managing and connecting all the various sensors and equipment. People who are always on the road and in need of a solution will appreciate how simple it is to set up and manage from your mobile device.

You can operate and monitor your Ajax security system from anywhere with the included mobile app.

The motion detector is able to detect motion in your house even when it’s completely dark outside. Because it is pet-friendly, your four-legged buddies won’t trigger any false alarms.

A flexible monitor, the opening detector can be fastened to any flat surface, such as a door, window, or even a cabinet. It can either trigger the alarm or send a notification to your phone in the event that it identifies an unauthorised entrance. Also, it’s able to identify the opening of doors and windows.

You won’t need to use your phone anymore—just the key fob to arm and disarm the system. Its small size and light weight make it ideal for carrying about.

Ajax Alarm StarterKit

Ajax Alarm StarterKit refers to the entry-level package or starter bundle offered by the Ajax System. It is designed to provide basic security protection for small residential or commercial properties. The contents of the Ajax Alarm StarterKit may vary depending on the package but usually include some of the essential components for setting up a basic security system.

It is important to note that Ajax Systems may offer different starter kit configurations to meet various customer needs and budget considerations.

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Indoor Security

Detectors can tell right away when a door is opened, a window is broken, or a stranger is on the property. Use MotionCam sensors to find out what caused a motion alarm.

Outdoor Security

Outdoor detectors identify trespassers as soon as they step onto your property. Even if someone attempts to scale a fence or peer through a window, Ajax detectors sound the alarm immediately.

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