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Ajax Innovation Technology System to Protect Your Building in Slacks Creek.

Key Features of Ajax Alarm Systems

For those looking for a dependable and efficient home security system, the Ajax Alarm Starter Pack is the greatest option. This bundle includes a hub, motion detector, opening detector, and key fob—everything you need to start safeguarding your house.

The system’s brain is the Ajax hub. All of the system’s sensors and gadgets are connected and managed by the central control unit, which serves as a hub or gateway. It’s a great option for folks who are busy and need something flexible because it’s simple to set up and manage from your phone.

Ajax security systems are often accompanied by a mobile app that lets you monitor and control your system from any location.

The motion detector can detect any movement in your house, even in complete darkness. It’s pet-friendly, so your four-legged buddies won’t trigger any false alarms.

The opening detector is a multipurpose monitor that may be mounted on doors, windows, and cabinets, among other surfaces. It can alert you on your smartphone or sound the alarm if it finds evidence of an unlawful entry. It is also capable of detecting window and door openings.

Using the key fob, you may arm and disarm your system without using your phone. It is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Ajax Alarm StarterKit

Ajax Alarm StarterKit refers to the entry-level package or starter bundle offered by the Ajax System. It is designed to provide basic security protection for small residential or commercial properties. The contents of the Ajax Alarm StarterKit may vary depending on the package but usually include some of the essential components for setting up a basic security system.

It is important to note that Ajax Systems may offer different starter kit configurations to meet various customer needs and budget considerations.

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Indoor Security

Detectors can tell right away when a door is opened, a window is broken, or a stranger is on the property. Use MotionCam sensors to find out what caused a motion alarm.

Outdoor Security

Outdoor detectors identify trespassers as soon as they step onto your property. Even if someone attempts to scale a fence or peer through a window, Ajax detectors sound the alarm immediately.

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