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Ajax Innovation Technology System to Protect Your Building in Newbeith.

Key Features of Ajax Alarm Systems

Offering an innovative and all-encompassing solution for the protection of properties, Ajax Alarm Systems represent the epitome of residential and business security. These sophisticated and user-friendly security systems surpass conventional alarms through the utilisation of intelligent functionalities and wireless technology.

Every element of the system is readily connectable to a central control panel, including motion detectors, door and window sensors, and cameras. Monitoring and controlling your security system from anywhere in the world is possible via a mobile application included with the Ajax alarm system.

Users can frequently remotely monitor and control their security system from their smartphones or tablets by downloading an application from Ajax.

Even when the home is dark, the motion detector is a powerful sensor capable of detecting motion. It accommodates pets, so false alarms caused by your four-legged companions will not be a concern.

Utilisable for cabinets, doors, and windows, the opening detector is a flexible monitor. It is able to detect window and door openings and, in the event of unauthorised intrusion, will alert your smartphone or sound an alarm.

Engaging and disengaging your system with the key fob eliminates the need to consult your mobile device. Small and lightweight, it is portable to any location.

Ajax Alarm StarterKit

Ajax Alarm StarterKit refers to the entry-level package or starter bundle offered by the Ajax System. It is designed to provide basic security protection for small residential or commercial properties. The contents of the Ajax Alarm StarterKit may vary depending on the package but usually include some of the essential components for setting up a basic security system.

It is important to note that Ajax Systems may offer different starter kit configurations to meet various customer needs and budget considerations.

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Indoor Security

Detectors can tell right away when a door is opened, a window is broken, or a stranger is on the property. Use MotionCam sensors to find out what caused a motion alarm.

Outdoor Security

Outdoor detectors identify trespassers as soon as they step onto your property. Even if someone attempts to scale a fence or peer through a window, Ajax detectors sound the alarm immediately.

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